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Core Competencies of BINMEI Blue Spirulina

Do you know the merits of BINMEI blue spirulina?

It is known for its rich protein and can bring vivid blue color to food. Moreover, we have 9 years of experience in the R&D of spirulina, and the outstanding quality and purity of blue spirulina are what we are proud of. Binmei blue spirulina has powder or liquid form, which are extracted from spirulina with our technologies under a strictly controlled environment. Now lets’ explore more to see the magic of blue spirulina.

Whats Unique About Us?

Binmei has specially developed the blue spirulina application for specific products. For example, the original color of the beer is blue. As blue spirulina is added, it will turn green. But the color will remain blue through our formula and technology.

Four Major Applications



Food or Drink Colorant

The blue phycocyanin can be a natural blue food coloring, such as a blue powder for smoothies. The blue spirulina ingredients can really enhance the appearance of food, increase appetite and achieve the aim of promotion.

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Functional Food or Drink

The blue spirulina ingredients contain rich protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and antioxidants, it can be used as a functional food or drink, providing energy for you. The health benefits of blue spirulina are diversified and will play a part in your immune improvement.

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BINMEI Spirulina Extract Tablets


A Dietary Supplement

The phycocanin has rich nutritional contents. People usually apply them into food as a type of dietary supplement. It is beneficial for immunity enhancement and providing the protein and other nutritional elements that we need.

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Cosmetics Colorant

As a food-grade coloring, it can be used in the cosmetic field as a natural colorant for cosmetics carrying its antioxidative effect. The blue spirulina applied in cosmetics is natural and does not harm the skin, while it can be beneficial to the skin.

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Blue spoirulina as cosmetics colorant

Solutions of your applications

Explore how Binmei blue spirulina supports you in various industries. The application of spirulina covers multiple fields. Except for those that we’ve mentioned, you could explore its usage on your own!

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Our natural blue spirulina products

Discover more about our blue spirulina products. You can choose the suitable type of blue spirulina to meet your needs.

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