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Why Wholesale Butterfly Pea Flower Extract from BINMEI

Butterfly pea flower extract has been approved by FDA as a color additive, which has attracted public attention. Butterfly pea flower extract is considered to be a natural source of natural blue color. Its thermal stability is excellent. Compared with artificial pigments, butterfly pea flower extract is safer and more popular. Butterfly pea flower extract is widely used in the food industry and can be safely used in ice cream, dairy products, candy, beverages, and other foods so that the food presents a better-looking and more natural blue tone. There are different suppliers of butterfly pea flower extract in the market. How to choose a reliable supplier for wholesale butterfly pea flower extract? BINMEI stands out among many suppliers. Why can BINMEI gain the trust of many suppliers and maintain long-term cooperation with them? Let’s take a look at the advantages of BINMEI.

Why should you wholesale butterfly pea flower extract from BINMEI?

As a mature supplier of butterfly pea flower extract, BINMEI puts the interests of customers first and tries its best to provide the best products and services. Therefore, BINMEI has won the affirmation and praise of partners in different countries.

Strong R&D capability

R&D capability is an important criterion for judging the capability of a butterfly pea flower powder wholesale supplier. Founded in 2013, BINMEI has many years of rich experience and focuses on product research and development. After continuous research, we have obtained 9 technical patents. We have advanced equipment, work closely with research institutes and universities, and have a strong R&D team of more than 10 scientists.

Strong production capacity

When choosing butterfly pea flower extract suppliers, you should pay attention to their production capacity. A wholesale supplier of butterfly pea flower extract with insufficient production capacity may cause delivery delays. BINMEI has its own factory and can achieve an annual production capacity of 200 tons of spirulina extract, 200 tons of spirulina liquid extract, and 1200 tons of butterfly pea flower extract, which is a leader in the industry.

Healthy and safe products

In the food industry, food safety is particularly important. Butterfly pea flowers are easily contaminated by pesticides from nearby farms during the planting stage. In the raw material link, Binmei integrates the supply chain. Binmei has established safe, clean, protected, and traceable butterfly bean flower villages in Southeast Asia. In order to produce high-quality butterfly bean flowers with high pigment content, BINMEI also invested capital and technology in establishing a butterfly bean flower breeding project.

BINMEI strictly maintains clean cultivation and a safe production environment. We keep our production workshops at constant temperature and humidity at all times and produce products in a dust-free environment. A sealed cold chain piping system, perfect quality management system, and various product authoritative certifications mean that we can guarantee the high quality of our products at any time. BINMEI products have so far passed HALAL and KOSHER certifications.

Customer-first service

We sell our butterfly pea flower extract worldwide. We uphold a service-oriented attitude to provide our customers with high-quality and cost-effective products. We provide our customers with 24/7 service and guarantee fast delivery. We listen to customers’ feedback and provide customers with perfect after-sales service. Our products and services have been recognized by many partners around the world.

Know about our butterfly pea flower extract

Our butterfly pea flower extract has excellent thermal stability and water solubility. Our clean production environment and mature extraction technology can ensure the safety of butterfly pea flower extract, and you can use it in food with confidence. Sodium-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, high antioxidants, non-GMO, and purely natural food color are the characteristics of BINMEI butterfly pea flower extract. While guaranteeing the quality, we offer the best price for butterfly pea flower powder wholesale.

Butterfly pea flower extract is approved in the U.S. for several key application categories, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic RTD beverages, frozen dairy desserts, confectionery, and liquid coffee creamers, including dairy and plant-based.


Key Benefits of BINMEI’s Butterfly Pea Flower Extract?


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