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Introduction of First-rate Blue Spirulina Extract at BINMEI

Are you curious about the cultivation and production of the blue spirulina? If you do, then follow us and we’d like to show you an introduction of our products, from the cultivation to the end products, and the application of spirulina extract.

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1. The Production Process of Blue Spirulina

You may wonder how Blue spirulina, or phycocyanin powder, is produced with such high quality. As a leading spirulina extract manufacturer, Binmei is strict in selecting the raw material and strictly controls the production. Therefore, you can see the terrific finished product phycocyanin powder at Binmei.

How does Binmei produce the spirulina extract? Let’s get a glance at it.


The cultivation of green algae


The Cultivation of Spirulina


First, we select the raw material, spirulina, cultivated in a natural alkaline lake in Inner Mongolia Plateau, known for a green and unpolluted environment and sufficient sunshine. Moreover, the temperature varies widely from day to night. Hence, the spirulina grows in an excellent environment.


The Extraction of Blue Spirulina


Second, spirulina extraction has been through a series of processes, such as cell disruption, strict filtration, and centrifugation. These processes are to ensure high-quality phycocyanin powder is extracted.

Selection of blue spirulina powder
Environmental Control System


Five Major Controlling Systems


Third, the quality and the safety of phycocyanin powder are guaranteed through five major controlling systems. They are environmental control system, whole process cold chain control system, filtration system, drying system, packaging system and the traceability system.


(1) The Environmental Controlling System


The environmental controlling system strictly controls the temperature, the humidity of the production process, and a dust-free environment is guaranteed.


(2) The Whole Process Cold Chain System


The cold chain system inhibits the microorganisms and maintains a suitable temperature and the required PH value in each production step.

The whole process cold chain system
filtration syste


(3) The Filtration System


Multi-filtration systems adopted, the filtration system can remove more than 90% of impure protein. Binmei applies a fully sealed pipe transportation system, with full system control operation to ensure a smart and efficient drying process based on a large evaporation capacity. The liquid evaporation per hour is up to 500 liter.


(4) The Sterile Packaging System


We also have a sterile packaging system. The products will be packed automatically and finished products are transported through the full sealed pipeline. Moreover, an advanced X-ray foreign substance detection system is applied during packaging to prevent foreign matters and impurities.

sterile packaging system
quality management traceability system


(5) The Quality Management Traceability System


The quality management traceability system enables us to check the product’s journey from raw material to consumers.

In the whole process of extraction, we adopt moderate physical methods to extract and only add water to facilitate the extraction. As a result, the blue spirulina powder is natural, safe, and contains high protein.


2. Different Specifications of Phycocyanin Powder at Binmei

 Here is a chart showing different specs of the main types of phycocyanin powder at Binmei. It helps you to choose the products wisely according to your needs. Certainly, we’d be pleased if you have any questions, then please by filling in the inquiry sheet.

Note: (Color Value(10%E618nm)=Absorbance(at 618nm)×100/0.33g).

Similarities: All the phycocyanin powder are blue powder with red fluorescence, soluble in water, while insoluble in alcohol and grease. They are considered natural blue food coloring as well.

Differences: What are the differences among these types of phycocyanin? We can clearly see the grade, color value, and ingredient differences from the above chart. So we can apply them for different uses according to the various specification. The color value, ingredient, and content of phycocyanin vary from the type of phycocyanin. The larger the number, the higher the color value, the higher the phycocyanin content, and the less other ingredients.


3. The Application of Blue Spirulina Powder

The blue spirulina produced by Binmei has wide applications for its harmlessness and is full of nutritional content. The blue spirulina color is the vivid sky blue.  What they have in common is that they all can be applied in the food industry as a natural blue food coloring.


The phycocyanin E18, is for food. It is rich in nutritional content and also suitable for cosmetics, the medical industry, and pharmaceuticals. The E18 is certified by the EU, USA, and Asian countries.

The phycocyanin M18, natural blue coloring food, approved by the US and EU, can be applied to food like ice, gum, candy, etc.

Known for cost-effectiveness and the best quality, the blue spirulina E10 for food is especially suitable for the factory as a natural food coloring or for home DIY.

The Blue Spirulina Powder Application


Blue spirulina E25 is for medical use. It can be used in medical scientific research, healthcare products, cosmetics, and more with high nutritional content.

The phycocyanin E30 is 100% blue spirulina without other ingredients. The antioxidant capacity is high. It can be used as a natural blue colorant for food and beverage. Cosmetics, the medical industry, and the health care field are also applicable.


Spirulina liquid extract, the liquid form of blue spirulina powder, is also a natural blue food coloring.

Spirulina liquid extract E3 is a blue paste-like liquid, honey state, dissolves quickly, avoids dust flying, and is more convenient to use.

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