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Binmei owns the largest blue spirulina factory in China, with an annual output of more than 200 tons.
BINMEI has passed FDA registration, and has FSSC22000, Halal, Kosher, Organic etc. certificates.
BINMEI has established a traceable food safety management system from raw materials to finished product.

Spirulina Extract Products

We offer a wide variety of blue spirulina(phycocyanin), spirulina extract, spirulina powder, and butterfly pea flower extract. For the blue spirulina, there are two types of forms, including powder and spirulina liquid extract. For the butterfly pea flower extract, there are powder and liquid. According to different compositions, its advantages and use are also various. Products of different specifications have different application scenarios. Get your natural spirulina products at Binmei. Welcome to contact us.

  • Binmei is the earliest and largest producer of blue spirulina in China. We have accumulated rich experience in spirulina extract, spirulina powder, spirulina tablet, and Carthamus yellow, etc.
  • Binmei has 9 patents for invention. For example, the patent number of blue spirulina powder extract is ZL 2014 1  0409170.5.
  • Binmei has established a rapid traceability quality management system from raw material breeding to end consumers.
  • Binmei strives to continually pass on our core values and provides our customers with the best customer experience possible.
  • We have it down to BINMEI. Brilliant, Innovative, Natural, Magic, Enhancing health&wellness, Imaginative.
Our Spirulina Farm
  • Our spirulina powder comes from algae cultivated in Inner Mongolia Plateau, it is the only spirulina that containing DHA, and the protein content is as high as 65%-72%.
  • The quality of spirulina depends largely on the light. The annual illumination of 3076 hours in Inner Mongolia Plateau lays a good foundation for the photosynthesis of spirulina.
  • We use a high-quality water source of 500 meters underground, so the content of heavy metals in spirulina is low(Pb<0.2, As<0.3, Hg and Cd almost 0).
  • BINMEI invests a lot of money and time to devote itself to the cultivation of high-quality algae.
New product
Butterfly Pea Flower Extract
  • Butterfly pea flower extract addresses the need for bright denim shades that are heat and light stable.
  • Butterfly pea flower extract is approved for use in several key application categories in the US, including most foods and beverages.
  • Butterfly pea flower extract’s blue hues also enable our color experts to reach otherwise difficult-to-achieve colors like greens, purples, and browns when blended with other natural colors.
  • Butterfly Pea Flower enables stunning purple shades. At higher pH levels in certain applications, Butterfly Pea Flower alone produces a vivid violet hue.
  • Our butterfly flowers come from a safe and reliable supply chain to ensure the safety and effectiveness of extracts.

Product Application

Binmei, global leader in spirulina and blue spirulina.

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