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Zhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd is the professional blue spirulina (Phycocyanin) manufacturer established in 2013, registered capital RMB10 million. We have an annual output of 200 tons of phycocyanin, 200 tons of Spirulina juice, and 500 tons of spirulina powder, binmei is one of the few enterprises in the world that have the ability to produce phycocyanin industrially.

Binmei is young, but it’s developing rapidly. Binmei has the independent intellectual property rights about blue spirulina (phycocyanin), it’s independent innovation ‘high activity blue spirulina natural (phycocyanin) purification technology’ won the national patent technology.

Binmei blue spirulina (Phycocyanin) is extracted from spirulina (blue-green algae) by water, without any chemical solvent, very safe and healthy. It is widely used in fields of food, candies, beverages, health care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and others. BINMEI blue spirulina (Phycocyanin) is mainly in 4 grades: food grade, cosmetic grade, medical-grade, and reagent grade. These high-quality products are widely exported to the USA, Europe, Japan, and other countries.

We have 9 technology patents and advanced equipment. Our factory is registered by FDA, FSSC22000, our products have passed HALAL, KOSHER certification.

Our ideal is green, healthy, safe. Our production workshop is constant temperature and humidity, no dust. We close the cold chain throughout the whole process. And we have established a quality management system that can be traced quickly from raw material breeding to terminal consumers.

We cooperate closely with institutes and universities and have a strong R&D team of over 10 scientists dedicated to developing innovative ingredients to meet the market demand. Good quality, reasonable price, sincerity service, win-win cooperation, making Binmei become the most influential blue spirulina (phycocyanin) manufacturer in the world.


Good products come from good raw materials. In this industrial chain, Binmei invests a lot of money and time to devote itself to the cultivation of high-quality algae. Through comprehensive methods such as technical screening, environmental adaptation, and domestication, genetic stability assessment, growth speed inspection, nutrient analysis, we have cultivated high-quality spirulina strains.

At the same time, Binmei has also researched a culture medium of spirulina culture, provided appropriate fertilizer nutrition formula and suggestions, helped spirulina farms to do fertilizer analysis, helped them develop a healthier and more suitable solution for spirulina cultivation.

We work closely with the spirulina base in the Inner Mongolia Plateau to help them continuously improve the yield and quality of spirulina. At the same time, we also have an independent spirulina production line and workshop. In the future, we will continue to deliver high-quality products to every corner of the world.

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