How Does Spirulina Extract Benefit the Cosmetics industry?

Mother Nature has blessed us with a wide spectrum of natural compounds and ingredients that do wonders for our skin. One of these compounds is spirulina extract, and it’s becoming widely popular in the cosmetic industry. What makes it so beneficial? Scroll down to learn more about the benefits of spirulina extract.

Why is blue spirulina powder more and more popular?

Blue spirulina (spirulina extract) is a type of blue-green algae primarily obtained from freshwater. Blue pigment gives a magical look to the spirulina extract powder, whose popularity keeps increasing.

What makes spirulina extract powder more and more popular is the strong antioxidant role that provides protection to our general health and wellbeing, but skin as well. Additionally, spirulina extract powder is rich in nutrients and known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

In other words, spirulina extract powder improves our wellbeing in an entirely natural manner. That’s exactly why it’s a highly sought-after compound.

What are the benefits of spirulina extract for skincare? 

Spirulina extract has become a popular ingredient in the cosmetics and skin care industries. In the skincare industry, spirulina extract is used to provide a number of effects, including anti-aging and moisturizing benefits. Spirulina extract can improve the structure of the epidermis and thereby functions as a hydration booster. That way, spirulina extract is beneficial for skin barrier function and oil control.

As an antioxidant, spirulina extract can protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. Spirulina extract(phycocyanin) may decrease hyperpigmentation of the skin and protect it from sun-induced damage. The compound can provide brightening effects to even out skin complexion.

Additionally, spirulina extract supports wound healing and exhibits anti-acne properties. More precisely, spirulina extract(phycocyanin) has multiple uses in the skincare industry. This compound provides protective as well as nourishing effects.

Future perspectives of spirulina extract(phycocyanin) powder in the cosmetics industry

Even though spirulina extract is a popular ingredient in the cosmetic industry, it’s safe to say the popularity of this compound can only go up. Spirulina extract is a bioactive ingredient with great potential as it gives the opportunity to cosmetics brands to develop safe and effective products.

For quite some time, customers didn’t have easy access to safe cosmetics. Many brands still rely on harsh ingredients that do more harm than good. But, things are changing, and many brands, both big and small, are opting for clean beauty, products containing natural yet powerful ingredients. That allows a bigger number of customers to get their hands on natural and effective products.

As more studies about the benefits of spirulina extract emerge, we can expect more and more products in the cosmetics industry to include it in their formulations.

Where to find the best spirulina extract powder for the cosmetics industry?

Phycocyanin has truly remarkable benefits. So, if you’re looking for the best spirulina extract powder, you need to be careful. The only way to enhance the quality of your products is to buy the powder from the best source. Always make sure the provider is reliable and trustworthy. The best place to buy your spirulina extract powder is Binmei, the well-known supplier of blue spirulina. Founded in 2013, Binmei has an annual output of 200 tons of the purest spirulina extract on the market.

Binmei’s spirulina extract powder E25 is not just high in purity but also contains 5% sodium citrate that allows for other uses, including scientific research. The water-soluble powder is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as carotenoids. These compounds deliver the health and skincare benefits of spirulina extract powder.

The main advantage of Binmei’s phycocyanin powder E25 is its versatility as well as great quality that is bound to raise the efficacy of skincare items. It’s useful to know blue spirulina has a fluorescence effect that is 30 times higher than regular fluorescein.


Blue spirulina is abundant in nutrients and antioxidants. In the beauty and skincare industry, phycocyanin exhibits several effects ranging from skin protection to nourishment and moisturizing properties. That explains why phycocyanin powder is a highly sought-after ingredient. The best place to get phycocyanin is Binmei, one of the most reliable brands that focus only on providing top-quality powder with the highest purity. Besides the cosmetic industry, our powder can serve other purposes, such as research. While it’s not that difficult to find the supplier of this beneficial powder, your main objective should always be to get the best quality.