Nutrition And Health Functions Of Phycocyanin

With the continuous improvement of life expectancy, people pay more and more attention to health. Various kinds of health care products emerged. In 1986, the Japanese developed and applied phycocyanin to nutritional food for the first time. It has achieved a prominent cooperative effect in the prevention and treatment of some major diseases. Since then, phycocyanin has come into public view.

1.Nutritional function
Studies show that phycocyanin belongs to protein-binding pigments. It has a full range of amino acids. The contents of eight essential amino acids in phycocyanin are close to or exceed the FAO recommended standards. It can improve the bio-efficiency of cereals and the utilization of protein. It is called diamond food.

2.Improve immunity
The immune reaction is closely related to nutrition. Poor nutrition can lead to the poor physical condition and low immune reactions. Phycocyanin has the physiological activity of directly regulating and activating an immune reaction. Iijima and Fujii (1982) found that the survival rate and lymphocyte activity of mice that injected with phycocyanin increased significantly. Therefore, they believe that phycocyanin can promote lymphatic function which can comprehensively improve the body’s immunity to resist various diseases and to slow down the aging of organs.

3.Improve absorption of iron
The availability of iron in food is related to its binding mode. Heme iron is the most effective absorbable iron. 60% of the iron in animal tissues is heme iron, while only 13% to 35% of the iron in plant foods can be absorbed by the human body. Under similar digestive conditions, Japanese researchers found that similar to heme, phycocyanin can form soluble compounds with iron, greatly improving iron absorption.

Hippocrates once said:” Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Ancient Chinese also shared the same view, they thought prevention is better than cure. To live long and keep fit at the same time is very meaningful. To eat health is an essential way to achieve it.