Things About Butterfly Pea Flower Extract: Ingredient, Health, and More

Butterfly pea flower, also known as butterfly bean, is a plant native to Southeast Asia. It has long been regarded as an ingredient for making caffeine-free herbal tea because of its novel blue or purple colors. Besides, for many chefs, it can be a perfect decoration to spice up their meals.

Although the history of the application of butterfly pea flower can last for centuries, it was not until 2021 that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially announced butterfly pea flower extract could be used for food processing. Attention! It is the extract that can be used in food, not the powder. If you want to know more about the history or simply others about the appealing flower, this passage may give you some hints.

butterfly pea flower


Basic Information About Butterfly Pea Flower

Here enclosed some funny knowledge about the plant.

  • The history: it takes ages to become a legit blue food coloring

According to the Federal Register, the petition to add butterfly pea flower extract to the list of approved color additives was approved by the FDA. The rule was effective on October 5, 2021. Before its approval, spirulina extract was one of the few that was used as a natural blue food coloring.

However, butterfly pea flower extract is more competitive considering its higher stability, meaning that there is little possibility that it will change with the external element, such as temperature, light, and pH. Although, admittedly, its color will change with pH value. Therefore, this approval is a milestone for the natural food coloring industry.


  • The health effect: Thats why these Asian, they live long,quoted Cardi B

Asian love to include herbs or edible plants in food, which is one reason why they look younger and can live long. Then here presented the health effect of the butterfly pea flower:

  1. A rich array of antioxidants supports skin and hair health
  2. Ternatins, found in butterfly pea flowers, may dampen the synthesis of fat cells in bodies, which is good for weight loss.
  3. The strong antioxidant properties in the flower is able to prevent cell damage and diabetes-related complications, aiding to stabilize blood sugar levels.


  • Examples: food and beverage giants are sough-after

The approval of the new blue food coloring can be a niche for the industry. Food giants like Starbucks have rolled out the Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew; Ink Gin has introduced a wine that adds butterfly pea flower extract, which can turn from blue to pink as tonic is added. The extract is a growing popular food additive in alcoholic and non-alcoholic RTD beverages, ice cream and frozen dairy desserts, candies, and liquid coffee creamers, both dairy and plant-based. The potential of butterfly pea flower extract is largely untapped.

BINMEI's butterfly pea flower extract

BINMEI, A Reliable Manufacturer of Butterfly Pea Flower Extract

First, let’s figure out the difference between butterfly pea flower extract and powder. The powder is to granulate the plant, which will preserve some beneficial elements but also some inactive ones. Extract, on the other hand, is to preserve the desired nutrients in the highest concentration. The plant should go through a series of extraction processes, including separation, extraction, removal of unnecessary contents, etc.

The extraction process requires sophisticated devices and quality and large-scale resources, which can be provided by Binmei. The butterfly pea flower extract provided by us is in its richest nutrients and the purest state.



We believe the approval of the butterfly pea flower extract as a natural blue food coloring is critical for the development of the food and beverage industry. But here, we also want to warn that the butterfly pea flower is not fit for anyone. Butterfly pea is believed to have uterine contractions and anti-thrombogenic effects. Therefore, people during pregnancy and lactation should not eat or drink anything with its inclusion.

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