When COVID-19 is perpetuated, a stable supply chain for natural colors becomes especially important

The power of BINMEI natural colors

Since BINMEI produced our first natural color product, Spirulina extract, we have maintained a high quality and wide range of natural color products for food and beverage companies.

However, not all colors are suitable for food and beverage use and are often limited by stability in production and processing, which can be particularly challenging for natural color products. Therefore, we recommend our customers to full contact and product test with our team before using our natural color products.

BINMEI is constantly evolving to provide more customizable colors to suit the discerning needs of consumers.


In a recent consumer study, conducted by FMCG Gurus, it was confirmed that natural products influence consumers purchasing decisions. FMCG Gurus research from the Global Clean Label survey (2019 – 25,000 respondents) shows that 72% of consumers say that it is important or very important to them that food is 100% natural, showing a large-scale backlash against the presence of artificial ingredients.

This demand from consumers has a direct impact on Food & Beverage formulations. At a global level, 3 out of 4 new product development launches with colors contain non-artificial dyes (Mintel database).

Natural Colors Market Trends

But the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges for the natural color industry, especially in ensuring a stable supply chain. Many companies faced this problem, and the inability to maintain a steady, consistent supply of natural colors for their products could compromise product quality and consumer experience.

In the first year of COVID-19, BINMEI quickly realized the impact that a COVID-19 pandemic could bring on the supply chain and logistics. Therefore, ensuring the supply of products became BINMEI’s first priority, which involved not only the sourcing of raw materials but also the extraction and processing of natural colors.

But this is an area of strength for BINMEI:

  1. BINMEI has its own farms and farmers, which can ensure the supply of raw materials. BINMEIcan not only produces high-quality raw materials from our own farms but can also source other raw materials from nearby farms to ensure that we have the quantity of raw materials we need ready in advance.
  2. Not only to ensure that the quantity of raw materials is sufficient but also to ensure that the quality of each batch is the same. For natural colors, the quality of each batch is especially important so that when food manufacturers use natural colors, their final product will maintain a consistent color that will be liked by discerning consumers.
  3. Strict storage and quality control systems ensure that the product is not affected by stability. Natural coloring often comes from fruits, vegetables, and algae. After producing and processing the products, we store our natural coloring quickly to ensure the quality of the products. At the same time, we produce enough stock to reduce the possibility of supply problems. (For example, we ensure that we have 5 tons of Spirulina extract in our warehouse at every moment.)
  4. Customer-focused long-term planning. BINMEIis a young company, as there is no cumbersome and lengthy procedure, which allows us to make long-term plans quickly. Our customer-centric and fast-changing business strategy has allowed us not to be affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Selecting the right color from BINMEI’s natural color palette

When selecting products, consumers tend to combine food with the color of the product because the eyes are the first source of information for consumers. We want to make food and beverage products that can be colored according to consumers’ needs. We have invested a lot in R&D and market research to acquire new natural coloring products to meet the ever-changing and discerning needs of consumers.

BINMEI’s natural color star products.

  1. Spirulina Extract: Spirulina extract is a natural high-quality plant protein, it is also a rare pigment protein in nature, which is not only bright in color, but also a high-quality protein itself. Spirulina extract is a natural blue pigment recognized by the US FDA. The EU has listed spirulina as a food coloring, and its use in food is not limited.
  2. Butterfly pea flower extract: Butterfly pea flower extract is a blue rookie in natural colors, since it was approved by the US FDA as a food coloring in 2021, the use of butterfly pea flower extract to seize a new market in the food and beverage industry may become a new breakthrough point for food and beverage companies.

spirulina extract and butterfly pea flower extract