Blue Spirulina M18 for food


  • Product name: phycocyanin, blue spirulina, spirulina extract
  • Product ingredients: 30% maltodextrin, 5% sodium citrate
  • Color value: ≥180 (E10%618nm in distill water)
  • Appearance: blue powder, with red fluorescence
  • Solubility: dissolves quickly in cold and warm water, precipitation occurs if used in 100% alcohol, but it can be dissolved in solutions with less than 20% alcohol.
  • Stability: It has poor stability to heat, light, and acid, its color shade is stable between pH4.5-8.0.


  • Our blue spirulina is safe and reliable by reason of water extraction, without using any organic solvents.
  • Blue spirulina is the only natural blue food colorant that has been approved by both the US and EU, it’s approved for many products in the marketplace, such as ice, gum, and candy.


  • Blue spirulina (phycocyanin) is a natural blue-pigment extracted from spirulina, which is rich in nutritional content. Phycocyanin is produced by the combination of phycocyanin base and protein. It can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism, eliminate inflammation, and increase energy, its antioxidant capacity is also high, so it can also be used as a health food raw material.
  • Blue spirulina(phycocyanin) is a kind of protein binding pigment, the same properties as protein. It has poor stability to heat, light, and acid, while it is stable under weak acid and neutral conditions (PH4. 5-8). However, it will occur precipitation phenomenon under acid conditions, and strong alkali can make phycocyanin discolored t has poor stability to metal ions and poor chromaticity.


Product Applications

1.Natural food colorant: Food and beverage (gum, candy, ice cream, blue smoothies, frozen desserts, puddings, solid beverages, baking, noodles, etc).

2.Cosmetic field: It has functions like anti-allergy, antioxidant, moisturizing, antiphlogistic, etc.

3.Medical and health care: dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals.


BINMEI’s Advantages

1.Advanced Technology: Binmei is the first enterprise to extract phycocyanin in China, and it is also the largest enterprise at present. Binmei is one of the few technology companies that can produce blue spirulina (phycocyanin) on a large scale in the world.

2.Extensive experience: Binmei has 10 years of experience in process improvement and extraction. We can produce the highest purity phycocyanin, high-quality natural blue spirulina, and phycocyanin powder in the world.

3.Strict QC: Binmei has established a quality management system that can be traced quickly from raw material breeding to terminal consumers.

4.A strong R&D team: Over 10 scientists! 9 patented technologies! The patent number of blue spirulina extract is ZL 2014 1  0409170.5.



  • FDA Food Facility Registration
  • Halal Certificate, Kosher Certificate
  • Our production facility is certified by FSSC22000



  • Free sample! MOQ 1kg.
  • We can make special specifications according to your requirements if your order is large.
  • Delivery Time: Around 3 – 5 workdays after receipt of your payment.
  • Storage: Stored in a dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
  • Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.


What’s the difference between E10, E18, M18, E25, and spirulina liquid extract?

  • The color value, ingredient and content of phycocyanin varied with the type of phycocyanin. The larger the number, the higher the color value, the higher the content of phycocyanin, and the less other ingredients.
  • For example: phycocyanin E18, color value ≥ 180, ingredients: 30% trehalose, 5% sodium citrate.
    The difference between E18 and M18: E18 ingredients: 30% trehalose; M18 ingredients: 30% maltodextrin.
  • E18 is the most widely used specification in the world, with high cost performance and excellent solubility, which is our most recommended specification.
  • E10 and E18 are suitable to be added to food, and e25 can be used for medical and nutritional care.
  • E10, E18, M18, e25, E30 are in the form of powder. No water can prevent oxidation and degrade blue protein. Therefore, phycocyanin can be preserved for several years.
    Spirulina liquid extract is a kind of blue honey like liquid, which dissolves quickly, avoids dust flying and is more convenient to use.


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