Top Applications of blue spirulina Powder in Yogurt

Alternative protein is becoming more and more popular. Blue spirulina powder(phycocyanin powder) is not only a source of alternative protein. It can also add a unique blue color to dairy products. You may think that blue spirulina powder offers the same properties as conventional spirulina powder. However, you are wrong. In reality, the blue version and phycocyanin powder are much strong, potent, and healthier than the traditional one.

The blue powder comes from spirulina called Arthrospira platensis. So, why is it blue in color? Well, spirulina has a dark greenish color, but it has a little bluish tint due to phycocyanin, a pigmentation. Phycocyanin powder is water-soluble, and this antioxidant compound is extracted from the plant during the processing stage.

What is Blue Spirulina Powder?

Spirulina is a common alternative all around the globe. It’s chock-full of minerals and antioxidants that might help your body and mind. Spirulina may be found in wetlands, reservoirs, and alkaline rivers.

Phycocyanin is a blue pigmentation produced from spirulina that provides the algae with its bright blue color. The good news is that, unlike green spirulina, blue spirulina powder doesn’t really have a nasty flavor. Proteins, nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants are all commonly found in this powder.

What Are the Benefits of Blue Spirulina?

Phycocyanin powder from blue spirulina can offer a multitude of benefits at your fingertips. Therefore, it is quickly becoming popular in the medical and edible industries. Here are the topmost benefits of blue spirulina:

  • Remove Heavy Toxins: If you have ever wanted to get rid of heavy toxins and contaminants from your system, blue spirulina powder can bind with such pollutants and safely excrete them from your system.
  • Protein Source: The modern populace is slowly moving towards a healthier diet routine. Therefore, vegan meals are quite popular right now. This is where blue spirulina comes in and saves the day by offering a plethora of proteins in a singular source. You can boost your protein intake and maximize health benefits from your diet by adding blue spirulina into your daily routine.
  • Supplemental nutrition: Not only is phycocyanin a natural protein, but it also has a wealth of nutritional benefits. It provides the body with immunity, helps fight many diseases and is even effective in the defence and treatment of cancer. He is also a good antioxidant and can eliminate inflammation in the body. Phycocyanin is suitable for people of all ages as it is a natural protein and therefore can be consumed by children.

What Is the Development Trend of the Dairy Industry?

We are seeing a positive emergence of an entire category of products with phycocyanin powder in them. These products also serve as ideal alternatives to traditional food items and offer plant-based proteins without sacrificing the integrity and flavors of food.

These vegan and plant-based alternatives will offer a whole new range of products in the market, and consumers will have the opportunity to go for full vegan diets. These will offer condensed sources of proteins, fibre, antioxidants, and more from a single place.

Is Phycocyanin Suitable to be Added to Yogurt? 

Yes. Phycocyanin is suitable for adding to yogurt, which not only increases the richness of protein sources but can also be colored. Moreover, phycocyanin powder will further enhance the natural attributes of yogurt and bring out the aroma, taste, and flavor without surrendering the core properties of yogurt or other dairy-based products.

Phycocyanin Yogurt Research and Development Experiment

With the improvement of people’s health awareness, the source of color in food is also put forward higher and higher requirements. In order to prove that phycocyanin is suitable to be added to yogurt, BINMEI did a study on the changes of phycocyanin yogurt in 21 days. Through experiments, we have reached the following conclusions:

1.Phycocyanin can greatly enhance the visual effect of yogurt and increase the attractiveness and popularity of yogurt among consumers. The only blue pigment found at present is phycocyanin. It reflects the irreplaceability of phycocyanin as the source of blue color in yogurt.

2.Phycocyanin not only improves the texture of yogurt but also keeps the color relatively stable.

3.Phycocyanin had no negative effect on yogurt fermentation and probiotics.

Where Can You Buy the Best Blue Spirulina?

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