What Spirulina Extract Can Do In Making Blue Candies

Candy shops, places that can delight people who are even dead inside, like Max in 2 Broke Girls. The various colors are the major factor that attracts people to come in. After acknowledging the power of colors, confection manufacturers have turned to natural food coloring for help. And recent years, blue food, with an exotic and rare look, is getting popular on social media, making spirulina extract, a natural blue food coloring, a hit.

If you are interested in this natural blue food dye, check the passage out.


Extracting Natural Blue Food Coloring Is Never Easy

It is the rareness that induces people to seek weird stuff. The recent years have witnessed a surge in demand for blue food, especially for the confection companies. In 2021, Mars filed a petition to allow spirulina extract to be added to the candies and chewy gums, which got approval from the FDA. Later in 2014, its application was extended to dying candies, frost, ice creams, and other desserts.

1. The Issues with the Natural Blue Food Coloring

Before the natural blue food coloring can stand in the spotlight, it has gone through a difficult and long journey, which is filled with obstacles:

  • Limited extractable natural blue food

As a growing number of people are worried about the chemical blue food dye, scientists have been looking for some natural blue food that is extractable. But we all know that blue plant is rarely seen in nature for some professional biological and technical issues. Luckily, the industry is moving forward. Among the progress that has been made, spirulina extract is the rising star.

  • Unstable property

The anthocyanin in some plants is responsible for the colors of blueberries and eggplant. However, its property is extremely unstable, which will change over temperatures and pH, meaning that overheating or low pH will bleach the color out, putting a great challenge for coloring extract.


2. Tips to Choose Quality Spirulina Extract for Food

Thanks to the advancing technology, a growing number of spirulina extracts rush to the market. Issues come to how to choose quality extract. And here are some suggestions for wholesalers to choose quality extracts:

  • Label: whether buying spirulina extract powder or liquid, you can first read the label. The most commonly used specification for the powder is 30% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate as a carrier.
  • Odor: the quality natural blue food dye should not come out with a strong unpleasant smell if it has been through rigorous development methods.
  • Appearance: if the spirulina extract appears blue with orange-red fluorescent, then lucky you, the extract boasts high quality.


What Our Spirulina Extract Have been Through

The commitment to offering pure and quality spirulina extract pushes us to advance our technologies. And this is what the raw materials have met before going to the market:

  • Low temperature targeted cell wall breaking technology 

Water should be wiped out as much as possible for further purification. And this technology can remove over 90% of the water from the materials.

  • New composite materials physical purification technology

As we have mentioned before, quality spirulina extract contains no strong unpleasant smell. That is because the strong odor can be removed after going through this technology.

  • Embedding, emulsification & nano-microencapsulation technologies

This technology is why we can offer various extracts to cater to the different demands of the market. Binmei cultivates quality original materials and boasts a series of technological parameters, which customization entails.


The development of spirulina extract has been proved to be a bang for the food industry. But the market has been filled with different kinds of extracts, good or bad, posting problems for wholesalers to choose the suitable one. But don’t worry, Binmei is here to help you.

Established in 2013, Binmei is surged to become a professional blue spirulina extract manufacturer whose products are widely exported to countries abroad and have received a great market response.

Our spirulina extract has great flexibility in forms and colors. With advanced technologies at hand, we can change the pH and temperature so that the extract can be compounded into green or purple.


And for the forms, we provide powder (blue spirulina E18 for food) and spirulina liquid extract for different use. For example, a well-known Chinese ice cream brand, Zhongxuegao, developed unique blue ice-creams in 2019, exploding the Internet then. And the spirulina liquid is what makes the ice-creams unique.

All in all, if you are interested in the natural blue food coloring, come and visit our website: https://www.binmei-global.com/.