The Power Of Blue Color In Soft Candy

Kids like to eat colorful candies. It’s a great joy of childhood. But parents worry about the side effects of synthetic pigments. How can we make colorful candies without synthetic pigments? 

In the past, there was no natural pure blue color, it was not easy to make colors as you wish. Now we have blue spirulina. The three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue are all available. You can make a rainbow if you like. That’s great. We don’t have to stop our kids from enjoying their colorful candies anymore.


Binmei offers both powder and liquid products to suit different production processes.

Spirulina Liquid Extract is a concentrated product formula, which can greatly reduce dosage, and does not have the disadvantages of dust flying when used, and has obtained North America (color: spirulina) and EU (spirulina concentrate ) Approved.

We also offer blue spirulina powder, which is also suitable for fudge.

And, our algae blue can be blended with other natural colors into purple, green and brown.