Top 4 Benefits of Blue Spirulina for Ice Cream

Ice-cream!!! Almost everyone’s favorite frozen snack or food or whatever you may choose to call it. Ice-cream’s preparation overtime has experienced so much alteration and creativity that there’s a color for almost anything. Blue, green, purple, you name it. Whatever your cravings are, there is most likely an ice cream color for it. But beyond decorative colors and flavor, some colors have a lot of added benefits that span across rich nutrients and natural health gains. One of such flavors is the blue spirulina ice cream.

In this blog post, we take an in-depth look at Blue Spirulina and some of the benefits of using Blue spirulina in Ice-cream.


What is Blue spirulina?

For a lot of people, this might be the first time they have ever heard this word.

Simply put, Blue Spirulina is a component of algae, but this might sound vague. So to explain further, Blue spirulina (Phycocyanin) is natural food colorants and functional raw materials extracted from Green spirulina (which is an alga). Besides ice creams, Blue Spirulina is used in coloring smoothies, beverages, and even in baking. But this is just for the food-grade extract. It is equally beneficial in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.

Blue spirulina is distinct for its sky blue color, and it combines with other natural colors to produce green and purple as applicable. It is a protein-binding soluble pigment in water and can be stably used in frozen food such as ice cream, but insoluble in alcohol and lipids.


Benefits of blue spirulina for ice cream

In case you are wondering why you should use blue spirulina for ice cream, here are some of the benefits;

  • Exotic coloring: With blue spirulina, you’re not limited to the sky blue color it gives ice cream. It can as well be combined with other colors to give lots of secondary and tertiary colors like green and purple.
  • Completely natural: For those who want to stay away from synthetic food additives and colorings, blue spirulina ice cream is the ideal choice. This also includes vegans, because guess what? It’s one hundred per cent vegan. 
  • Nutritious: Spirulina ice cream is for those who want to enjoy their snack while enjoying the added benefit of the nutrition it provides. Blue spirulina contains lots of high-quality plant proteins and lots of other vitamins that make ice cream wholesome. It’s also a great source of antioxidants. 
  • Healthy: Blue spirulina is so healthy it is even used in pharmaceuticals. It helps boost the immune system, eliminate inflammation, and increase energy among a lot of other things. This makes spirulina ice cream not just a fancy one, but a healthy one too.

Using BINMEI blue spirulina to make ice cream

If you are an Ice-cream enthusiast, either for your personal consumption or if you run a business, you tend to miss out on a whole lot if you do not consider using Blue Spirulina when making ice-cream because of the numerous benefits we touched on earlier.


When considering a Spirulina extract for ice cream, your best bet is to use BINMEI blue spirulina. We offer a variety of Phycocyanins including Blue Spirulina powder and Spirulina liquid extract.

The E18 has a higher phycocyanin content and better solubility, and it is used not just for ice cream alone, but other foods. Spirulina liquid extract is a honey-like liquid and dust-free. Hence, the most convenient to use. All the products have a good shelf-life of up to two years.


BINMEI’s Blue Spirulina is miles ahead of its competitors as BINMEI is the first company to extract phycocyanin powder in China. We don’t stop there, BINMEI strives to push the limits of innovation, and it has 9 patents to show for it. For more information on other products and services, feel free to visit our website.