Phycocyanin-Enriched Yogurt Brings Health Benefits and A Visual Feast

It seems that there is always such a rule that consumers prefer some colorful food more than the monochromatic one. And manufacturers can always keep abreast of what consumers really care about. Therefore, more creative items will be added by manufacturers to increase the attractiveness of the original food. As consumers’ pursuit and awareness of health becoming more and more intense, foods with clean labels and green labels are a must for consumers lately.

Blueglass yogurt

Recently, a kind of yogurt of Blueglass is capturing thousands of consumers with its warm mixture of blue and white. Yogurt is supposed to be a healthy drink recommended by nutritionists. When blended into the ocean like blue color, it arouses consumers’ taste buds instantly and keeps consumers in a happy mood at a glance. As a matter of fact, the blue of Blueglass yogurt comes from the phycocyanin provided by BINMEI.

Phycocyanin (also known as blue Spirulina) is extracted from Spirulina in the deep sea regarded as one of the few plant proteins in nature. It is rich in high-quality protein, eight amino acids needed by the human body, and a micronutrient that the human body can easily recognize and absorb. Phycocyanin presents a good-looking blue with high nutritional and health value, leading it to be a natural colorant or additive in the food and medical industry.

Blue yogurt with phycocyanin


Benefits of phycocyanin-enriched yogurt

The addition of phycocyanin to yogurt has been found to play a huge potential role in the health benefits of consumers. Yogurt, a kind of food owning rich nutrition on its own, produce a variety of vitamins necessary for human nutrition in the fermentation process in addition to retaining all the nutritional components of fresh milk. It is showed by modern scientific research that yogurt would be given more nutritional value if adding phycocyanin to yogurt.

Phycocyanin has a strong antioxidant effect that promotes cell activity, rapidly synthesizes elastin, and removes free radicals in the body. Thus, phycocyanin-enriched yogurt will be given strong power to regulate the human immune system, improve anemia and promote human cell regeneration, resulting in hydrated skin and delaying aging.

Secondly, phycocyanin enhances the texture and taste of yogurt. Dehydration shrinkage is considered to be one of the most important characteristics in fermented dairy products, which indicates the quality of yogurt during storage. Due to the high content of fat, protein, and dietary fiber in yogurt containing phycocyanin, the dehydration shrinkage of phycocyanin-enriched yogurt is lower than that of yogurt without phycocyanin. Besides, phycocyanin makes the interaction of milk components in yogurt resulted in gel with high hardness, which plays a positive role in improving the taste of yogurt.

Therefore, blue Spirulina is recommended as a bioactive colorant in yogurt as its contribution in reducing the dehydration shrinkage, increasing the hardness, enhancing the color stability, and no pathogen growth.

Ladies who are eating phycocyanin yogurt


There is no doubt that the biggest advantage of phycocyanin-enriched yogurt is that the white yogurt presents a more refreshing color bringing shock visual enjoyment to consumers. The blue Spirulina powder extracted from marine plants is rich in natural active γ – aminobutyric acid and exerts great influence in relieving pressure and relaxing. With 10 billion active probiotic yogurts, it can make taste buds Tango in the charming blue probiotic yogurt.

Yogurt is a kind of fermented dairy product widely consumed in the world and has attracted more and more attention from health consumers because of its nutritional value and health-promoting characteristics. The concern of health problems is followed by the growing demand for yogurt of consumers. However, milk fat plays an important role in the flavor and texture of emulsification and gel formation. Blueglass yogurt cooperated with BINMEI is an example, in this case, to prove that phycocyanin is considered to have a positive effect on yogurt.

Phycocyanin, blue natural pigment powder


BINMEI is one of the global suppliers specializing in the production of blue Spirulina (phycocyanin). In the seven years of in-depth research and development of phycocyanin, BINMEI has owned the independent intellectual property rights of phycocyanin, a strong R & D team composed of more than 10 scientists and the cultivation base of phycocyanin.

BINMEI’s phycocyanin has been widely used in food, candy, beverage, health care, cosmetics, medicine, and other industries. If you are considering investing in phycocyanin, you might as well try to contact them who will serve you with strong production capacity and advanced technology.