Spriulina Extract E6


  • Spirulina extract phycocyanin E6 is a pure blue spirulina powder. The natural blue powder rich in nutritional content can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism, eliminate inflammation, and increase energy.
  • Pure blue spirulina powder E6 is added with 80% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate as a carrier.
  • Pure blue spirulina powder E6 is perfect for coloring foods.
  • Binmei blue powder spirulina E6 fully complies with regulatory criteria for coloring food in the EU, the USA, and Asian countries.
  • Phycocyanin powder 100% natural color! Vegan! Suitable for all people, including children!
Product NamePure Blue Spirulina Powder E6
CharacteristicBlue powder, with red fluorescence
Ingredients80% trehalose, 5% sodium citrate
Colour Value≥60 (E10% 618 nm in distilled water)
SolubilitySoluble in water, insoluble in alcohol and lipid
ApplicationFood & Beverage Industries
ManufacturerZhejiang Binmei Biotechnology., Ltd.


Phycocyanin(spirulina extract) is a colorful food ingredient extracted from Spirulina, which is suitable for application in beverages, candy, ice cream, and other food and beverages.

Phycocyanin (spirulina extract, blue spirulina) E6 is a newly developed product of BINMEI BIOTECHNOLOGY with 80% of algae sugar with 5% of sodium citrate. It is very suitable for coloring food and does not increase the cost.

In the US, phycocyanin is allowed to be added to food and beverages by the FDA, and in Europe, phycocyanin and spirulina are used as coloring ingredients in unlimited amounts.

European scientists have found that chemical additives added to foods can affect children’s development and brain health. Algocyanin, on the other hand, is a 100% healthy food ingredient and is a very nutritious protein.



Blue spirulina(spirulina extract, phycocyanin) is a kind of protein binding pigment, with the same properties as protein. It has poor stability to heat, light and acid, while it is stable under weak acid and neutral conditions (PH4. 5-8). However, will occur precipitation phenomenon under acid conditions, and strong alkali can make phycocyanin discoloured t has poor stability to metal ions and poor chromaticity.


Why choose BINMEI

1. Advanced Technology: BINMEI is the first enterprise to extract phycocyanin in China, and it is also the largest enterprise at present. BINMEI is one of the few technology companies that can produce blue spirulina (phycocyanin) on a large scale in the world.

2. Extensive experience: BINMEI has 10 years of experience in process improvement and extraction. We can produce the highest purity phycocyanin, high-quality natural blue spirulina and phycocyanin powder in the world.

3. Strict QC: BINMEI has established a quality management system that can be traced quickly from raw material breeding to terminal consumers.

4. A strong R&D team: Over 10 scientists and 9 patented technologies! The patent number of blue spirulina extract is ZL 2014 1  0409170.5.


  • Excellent stability and solubility
  • Clean label
  • Kosher/Halal
  • Products do not contain substances of known allergenic potential
  • Vegan • Non-GMO
  • Shelf life – 24 months
  • Country of origin – China
  • FSSC22000 Factory Certificate
  • Traceable product safety management system


BINMEI’s services

  • Analytical lab support
  • Applications expertise
  • Technical customer support
  • Customized solutions
  • Rapid response customer service
  • Website documentation available
  • Regulatory support


  • FDA Food Facility Registration
  • Halal Certificate, Kosher Certificate
  • Our production facility is certified by FSSC22000


  • Free sample! MOQ 1kg.
  • We can make special specifications according to your requirements if your order is large.
  • Delivery Time: Around 3 – 5 workdays after receipt of your payment.
  • Storage: Stored in a dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.
  • Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored.


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