Top Spirulina Breeding & Production System of BINMEI

Spirulina is a kind of microalgae growing in alkaline lakes It contains many nutrients that people can take as a dietary supplement. In recent years, the pursuit of natural and health grows day by day, which surged the demand for the product’s nutritive value. Consumers more and more recognize spirulina for its unique nutritive value.

Spirulina has been cultivated worldwide for its commercial value. Commercial spirulina producers tried to cultivate it in the rural area and thus reduce the cost of production and environmental pollutions. Due to the lack of education and technical support in the rural area, the farmers are reluctant to share information and technology, which causes serious deterioration of algae. What is more, the deterioration of algae will further damage the algae and lower economic profits.

To improve this situation, BINMEI committed to its social responsibility and sustainable development, invest heavily in the cultivation of high-quality algae. Through technical screening and algae analysis, BINMEI has successfully cultivated high-quality spirulina strains. At the same time, BINMEI also researched the culture medium of spirulina culture, helps the spirulina farms to do fertilizer analysis and provides appropriate nutrition formula and suggestions. In this case, BINMEI ensures the health of the products and environment by full uses of CO2 and reduced a lot of fertilizer waste.

To cultivate high-quality spirulina, the breeding base of BINMEI is settling in the world’s famous densely Trona lake area- the Inner Mongolian city of Ordos in China.

The inner Mongolian city of Ordos lies within the Ordos Plateau of the Yellow River. In these areas, the sunshine duration is up to 3076.4/h. The abundant solar energy resources and superior climate provides a unique growing condition.

Under Superior breeding conditions, the quality of spirulina has significantly improved. The breeding base adopts an advanced closed runway spirulina cultivation type. The special local environment in the Ordos provides an advanced environment for the growth of low-temperature type DunDing spirulina, which is the unique type of spirulina that contains HDA. Due to the suitable growth environment, spirulina’s protein content is between 65% to 72%, above the average. The unique HDA and rich protein make the BINMEI’s spirulina more nutrition than any other spirulina.

With sustainable development, the breeding base is settled in the desert, which avoids occupied of the farmland. What is more, the cultivation of spirulina has turned desert into an available land resource. Through closely working with the spirulina base in Inner Mongolia, BIMMEI continuously improves the yield and quality of spirulina. BINMEI has 9 technology patents and advanced equipment. The products have passed HALAL KOSHER certification. It has now formed a unique spirulina and spirulina powder production line.

BINMEI has formed a strict quality inspection system that can be traced quickly from raw material breeding to terminal consumers to produce green, healthy, and safe spirulina to meet the market demand. The production and export base Of BINMEI spirulina is located in the Chinese new area of Tou Men Port, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, which can produce 500 tons of spirulina powder, is near the first-rate harbour- Shanghai port. 

The purity and efficacy of high-quality spirulina are derived from the technology that makes everything unique. The low-temperature type DunDing spirulina of BINMEI has the richest nutrients, which are unique in the market. BINMEI guarantees high-quality spirulina products to meet the growing nutrition needs of consumers.

Several years of research and development have enabled BINMEI to achieve such a high level of performance. It has controlled all the parameters necessary for the optimal growth of spirulina, thus obtaining advanced raw materials to create innovative and exclusive products for customers. In the future, BINMEI will continue to deliver high-quality products to every corner of the world.