Spirulina Powder A 600 Mesh


  • Spirulina Powder A, actually it is spirulina superfine powder, a free flowing green powder, which is through dry airflow pulverization and cell breakage from spirulina raw material.Its particle size is less than 20 microns, so it is much easy to digest and absorb.
  • Spirulina powder A is richinnutritions, it can improve human immunity, effectively regulate metabolism, anti-antioxidant, reduce cholesterol, inhibit tumors, beauty and skin care, slimming and so on.
  • Spirulina is a comprehensive nutritious algae and is identified as the most safe and reliable edible food.Spirulina is rich in plant proteins, a variety of natural plants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Our raw material is from the non-polluted, natural alkaline lake in the Inner Mongolia Plateau, where there are plenty of sunshine and a big temperature difference between day and night. Our raw material is carefully selected, organic agricultural products.

Product Specification


Free flowing green colored meal (non-cohesive).

Odour is characteristic of seaweed.

Bulk Density300-500 g/l (300-500 kg/m3)
Particle Size D50%<10 um
Particle Size D90%<20 um
IngredientClean, dried and milled spirulina only.
PackagingPacked in food grade aluminum foil bags.
StorageStore in a clean dry cool area.
Shelf Life

+2 years from pulverize date

Preservation: without preservatives.

ManufacturerZhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Additional Information

  • No Additives or Processing Aids used.
  • Ocean Harvest Technology does not use GMO in any product.
  • FDA facility registration number: 12595057088(China).
  • The product has no allergens.
  • Pass test according to internal Standard. Product Follows EU organic Standard.

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