Among all the Nutrient Supplements, Phycocyanin Benefits Emerge to a Great Extent

The hustle and bustle of city life and unhealthy lifestyle, including staying up late, ill-balanced diets, long indoor sitting, and less outdoor exercising, put a dent in people’s health but create a surge in the supplement industry.

Dietary supplement on the shelf

Among all the supplements, spirulina extract enjoys growing popularity. But what is it? Why has it become a sought-after nutrient? The article will give you some hints if you are interested in its health benefits, like phycocyanin benefits.


Brief Introduction

We should first have basic knowledge about the popular dietary supplement.

  • What is spirulina extract


Spirulina, a blue-green alga, grows in both fresh and salt water. It is one of the cyanobacteria which can produce energy from sunlight via photosynthesis. As its health potential is gradually tapped out, the algae are harvested and sent to the factory for purification and other processes. You don’t have to worry about whether the nutrients in the BINMEI’s spirulina extracts will be slashed after been through all the processes.

  • Where can they be applied


Considering the great protein and anti-oxidant spirulina has, the extract will be added to skin-care products and cosmetics. Besides, spirulina extract is a vibrant natural blue coloring that can be used to fill the gap in natural blue pigment. Finally, as one of the oldest life forms on the Earth, its nutrition has been approved by many. And therefore, the extract can compete in the cut-throat supplement sector.


What Makes Spirulina Extract a Popular Dietary Supplement

Spirulina is one of the few easily digested and quality protein sources. Its other phytonutrients are good for bodies in many ways.

  1. Spirulina extract, a blue health gem


Phycocyanin is the main blue pigment of the microalga spirulina and is a specific part of the cyanobacteria (spirulina is cyanobacteria). Cyanobacteria, not just spirulina, are present in almost all environments where there is light, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals. They are found in extreme environments such as hot water or hot springs (up to 70°C), hypersaline or polar environments. Like plants, cyanobacteria perform a process of photosynthesis that releases oxygen. Phycocyanin, as mentioned above, is part of the spirulina’s photosynthetic system (similar to what chlorophyll does) and is used in food. It is the only blue vegetable coloring allowed in Europe.


Phycocyanin, a blue health gem, is the blue gold of spirulina. It has proven to be effective in combating many high-frequency health problems. Phycocyanin seems to be 6000 to 7000 times more active than spirulina and 20 times more potent than vitamin C.

Phycocyanin, super antioxidant.


  1. Strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties


Oxidation damage our DNA and cells, leading to chronic inflammation, which may contribute to cancer and other diseases. Fortunately, phycocyanin, accounting for 16% of the total weight of spirulina, makes it a valuable antioxidant. Phycocyanin, found in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts, is a protein of the phycocyanin family that binds to water-soluble photosynthetic pigment phycocyanin. It benefits our brain and heart, inhibiting oxidation and supporting our immune system. 

While for mammals, the protein has a similar form to bilirubin, which can prevent oxidation stems from free radicals. And its concentration in blood can affect our cardiovascular performance.

It has an antioxidant and antiradical action that protects the phospholipids of the cellular membranes and the connective tissues. It also conserves Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutathione and peroxidase, antioxidants produced by our body, which will also perish as we grow old. Its antioxidant effects accumulate with potent antioxidants that are part of the diet (vitamins C and E). Studies show that phycocyanin has antioxidant activity:

  • 70 times greater than SOD,
  • 16 times greater than vitamin E,
  • 20 times greater than vitamin C.

Recommended for prevention of aging and problems associated with old age.


  1. Rid the body of the toxins


The detoxifying and protective action of excretory organs can filler phycocyanin effectively, reducing the toxicity of chemicals (heavy metals, medicines). 

The common sign of toxin accumulation is kidney stones. They are usually formed by the precipitation of calcium oxalate crystals. However, Biochemical changes induced by phycocyanin can prevent or reduce the chance of suffering from that.

Spirulina polysaccharide and phycocyanin can help your body get rid of the toxins, preventing them from depositing into the tissues and therefore disrupting bodily functions. It is especially true for the patients who are fell in long illness and have to take medicines.


  1. Reduce blood pressure and help to manage cholesterol


The spirulina extract contains a specific protein that is available to relax arteries. The result came from research at the Mediterranean Neurological Institute in Pozzilli, Italy. The research also found that SP6, a spirulina molecule, can lower animals’ blood pressure. Besides, quality protein can help manage cholesterol, which is why spirulina extract is a popular supplement for bodybuilders.


BINMEI, a Reliable Blue Spirulina Manufacturer

From phycocyanin benefits to other cyanobacteria benefits, the great nutrients in the spirulina make its extract an enabling supplement for many. However, the market is full of spirulina extract, from powder to liquid and tablet, good or bad, making it difficult for us to pick and select. Therefore, who can we turn to for quality spirulina extract?

As a professional blue spirulina extract manufacturer, Binmei is capable of providing the extract that can meet various demands. We have our spirulina cultivation field to maintain the utmost quality of the extract from the beginning. In addition, we have a strong R&D team, advanced technology, and enabling factories to ensure pure and quality products and strict quality control in the extract. These are why we emerged as one of the most reliable blue spirulina suppliers globally. Here are some cases that can tell:

  • Smart Aqua(From Italy)

E18 Ficocianina Pura, whose ingredient — Phycocyanin E18 is sourced from Binmei.

E18 Ficocianina Pura, whose ingredient -- Phycocyanin E18 is sourced from BINMEI

  • Neurogan(Scandinavia – California)

Phycocyanin Capsule by Neurogan



Spirulina-blue: contains spirulina extract, astaxanthin, and other nutrients.

Spirulina-blue contains spirulina extract, astaxanthin, and other nutrients

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