Spirulina Powder C Feed Grade


  • Spirulina powder C is a feed grade,generally used in agricultural and livestock farming.
  • Spirulina powder C is a free flowing brown/light green powder, it is the product after phycocyanin extracted from spirulina by water. After extracted by water, it is still rich in protein and nutrients.
  • Our raw material is from the non-polluted, natural alkaline lake in the Inner Mongolia plateau, where there are plenty of sunshine and a big temperature difference between day and night. Our raw materials are carefully selected, organic agricultural products.

Product Specification


Free flowing green colored meal (non-cohesive).

Odour is characteristic of seaweed.

Bulk Density200-400 g/l (200-400 kg/m3)
Particle SizeThrough 80 mesh
IngredientSpirulina extract by water only.
PackagingPacked in food grade aluminum foil bags.
StorageStore in a clean dry cool area.
Shelf Life

+2 years from pulverize date

Preservation: without preservatives.

ManufacturerZhejiang Binmei Biotechnology Co.,Ltd


Additional Information

  • No Additives or Processing aids used (Catalogue number 7.2.6 as per Commission Regulation 68/2013 Catalogue of Feed Materials).
  • Ocean Harvest Technology does not use GMO in any product.
  • FDA facility registration number: 12595057088(China).
  • The product has no allergens.
  • Pass test according to internal Standard. Product follows EU organic Standard.

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