Blue Spirulina Applications In Frozen Food Industry

As people pay more and more attention to food safety. Natural pigments have become a trend. As the only natural blue pigment recognized by FDA, blue spirulina (phycocyanin) is on the rise. Blue spirulina is derived from spirulina. It is water-soluble, non-toxic and vivid blue. The usage is not restricted. It can be widely used in frozen food industry.

1.Ice cream

Blue spirulina and ice cream are perfect matches. Why say that? Because like other natural pigments, blue spirulina is sensitive to high temperature. To make ice cream does not need high temperature, so it won’t destroy the vivid blue hue. What’s your first impression when you see a pure blue color? Cool? Cold? That’s it. It’s the right feeling people want in hot weather. Oh, looks beautiful and cool, tastes delicious and cold. It’s the most that people can expect from an ice cream. Of course, you can also mix blue spirulina with red and yellow pigments to make other colors.


How to make natural and fantastic smoothie? Let’s try popular blue spirulina smoothie. Don’t worry, it’s amazing, but easy. First, use some ripe bananas, cut them up, put them in food processor or blender. Blend them until super creamy and puffy. Then, put a teaspoon of blue spirulina in it. Blend it again until everything is blue. It is really a super pigment, looks awesome. Transferring it to a bowl. Decorate it with some fruits or other things. Lovely smoothie is ready!

People eat not only with their mouths, but also eyes. Appealing colors really count. Want to eat healthy, want to sell your food and beverage well, blue spirulina is a color that you shouldn’t miss.